Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As an individual being, all I know and all my opinions are true to me, but you know what? That will NEVER work out for you! Yes, you do have opinions, we all do and yes, you may be right about some things, but can't you look beyond your nose and start caring for those around you?

I'm talking your church here, those who are in your church. Everyone is SO swallowed up by everyday-life, that we totally forget why God put us here. Did God put us so we could just live our lives, like everyone else does? No, God put us here for two reasons that results in one thing..

First, we were set here to love our father, God in Heaven and to live with him every day and have fellowship with him. Second, we were put here for each other, because Jesus was perfect, therefore He could do his ministry alone. But we are NOT AT ALL perfect, therefore we need each other, in order to make the body of Christ perfect again. As dozens of imperfect, in fact full of mistakes, people, we together can make the perfect ministry, but NOT alone, never alone.

If we begin to truly love each other and care for each other, the world will see that kind of love and they will know it's from our father, it's from above. They'll come to us and they'll hunger after that love; people will then receive Jesus.
But as long as we fight each other and try to change each other, because "you are not like me", we will NEVER see the hunger of those lost people, becuz' who would want to hunger after a struggle? Diversity is GOOD! We are different, we are DIVERSE!

Why then? Cuz' God made us diverse! Becuz' God can use our different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of fighting what God gave your brothers and sisters, begin to love their differences.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Slam

The Father slammed it when he sent Jesus! Check out "The Slam" by tobyMac and Diverse City. This is from the live album "Alive and Transported".

Hope you like it! :) God bless!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heart's Desires

We all have dreams and desires that we really want to accomplish. Well, here's my favorite scripture: Psalm 37:4 - "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Really wonderful to know that God wants to give me my dreams and desires. Delight yourself in the Lord, make Jesus your true happiness. I know too well how we always are happy becuz' this and this happens. You know, some people actually chase happiness, Christians do too. I used to think like this, once I'll get married, I'll be happy. But it's not true. Then when you get married, you can say, once I'll get children, I'll be happy. Then with a new house, then with a new car and so on and so on....

Why not say, I'm happy now? Because if you delight yourself in God, you truly are! I found out that I can actually be happy right here, right now, because I have my Jesus and he went all the way for me, to make me happy and to make YOU happy! Cuz' he loves us so much! So it's possible to be happy and not have all those things, it really is. I am happy, not because I have some cool things, and yet I have been blessed by my God. But that's because I love God and have chosen to gain my happiness in him. No matter circumstances, no matter what feelings I have today (that one's tough), no matter where I am or who I have around me, I can delight myself in my God.

But how then? Well, God loves you and wants to be your perfect father. That alone is enough; his love, proven by Jesus who died for you, is enough to make you happy. Then the rest will come and trust me, it will. The girl or boy he has for you, will come. Remember, God is almighty and you're his child, He does know what he's doing and what direction he's leading your life in. He has a plan for you and if you put all your happiness in him, no matter what, trust me, He'll pour out your desires for you AND He will bless you abundantly!! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Feelings VS Promises

You know, sometimes our feelings take us down to a place we don't wanna be. Feelings are not entirely bad (God does call our heart the most treacherous there is).. But with the Holy Spirit living inside us, feelings are sparks that direct us somewhere. If we feel happiness, we should thank God for "feeling" happy.. If we feel sadness, then it's like a warning, that we should turn it around in praise and singing, to happiness.

Cuz' no matter what we feel, we're happy, because we have Jesus, we have fellowship with God, our Dad! So, that means that feelings are not bad, but if we *live* on them, they'll surely pull us down eventually. That's why we need to stand on God's promises, they are true, where feelings are just sparks to something and living on feelings is false happiness. I really hope you're getting me here..

This is a thing I've been wondering about for like five months or something. But now I understand that feelings point in a direction and promises are the ones we should rely on. God's promises. Cuz' he loves us sooo much! I'd say promises win this one, but feelings are not useless
Bless ya'!  :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


God's grace is not about deeds and acts. It's all about his love.

He loves you just the way you are! He wants you to be like he made you, so you don't have to do a lot of religious things in order to be with him. All you really need is his love, and then the change will come.

Don't try to change yourself, let Jesus change you through his love  :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Simple Choice

This is my first blog-post. I'm gonna talk a little about 2 simple choices we as humans here have to make in our life.
Whether you believe in God or not, this subject is very understandable and simple.

First of all, I believe that God has put us here on this earth, so that we can shine and reflect his light. But we were deceived by the devil, that's why God sent his son, Jesus, to save us and reunite us once again with God. I know he made us with a free will of our own, whether we want the life he has for us or we just wanna live on our own (which is a lie; I'll come to that..).

It's actually a simple choice, although we just need to understand it and only when our eyes are opened, then we'll be able and ready to make that decision. So you can either choose God or live your own way, but we know that when Jesus talks about choosing, he says it's either white or black; collect or spread, so it's either God or the devil. Right, let's see what qualities each of them has.

Now, we have God who promises us eternal life, rich blessings, fellowship, ultimate love, deep friendship with him and he promises us that if we accept Jesus as our savior, God will be our father and we, his children.

The devil promises us wealth, fame, fortune, living lovely... He promises us that we will be rich. He wants to give us the world.

Before you go closing this window or tab, let me tell you that the devil is really cowardly, because not only does he lie about God not existing, but he's also promising us things he CAN'T and WON'T ever give us. Sure, he may be able to rule over some things here on this earth, but he can't make you rich! Do you really think by having money that you're rich?? To be saved and have eternal life, is being rich! Hah!, Cuz' money will eventually run out and if not, it'll all be destroyed, when we're leaving this world. We came naked and we'll leave naked, with only our spirit. "But look at the world! Christianity is history now." So? Do you think just because a minor population of people believe and most don't, makes it not true?? LIE! Big lie! I'm telling you, the devil is a liar, and if you really believe that, then I'm sorry to say that you've fallen for another of his lies. We all have, anyways, cuz' he keeps lying, lying and lying.. He's a lot of bad things, but if any titles suits him perfectly, it's "LIAR".

Really, we know the devil as the destroyer, slaughterer, but you know what's most worst? It's not that the devil destroys in one's life, that a man decides to leave God, it's when we believe his lies that we decide to run away from our father.

But now you've read something I've come to learn. If you want, you can get this perfect love from God. He loves you more than anything and the devil only hates you, that's the truth. You have no idea, how much God longs for you, just to be with you.. It wasn't in vain that He sent his only son, Jesus Christ.. It was to take your every mistake, every sin and every wrong you've made and ever will make; it was to show you how much he really deeply loves you. If you want to be his child, you don't need to go through a bunch of religious acts; you just use your faith and believe that he died for you. Because of his grace, you can be his child and learn to know him as your perfect Dad. He will never fail you and he will always love you. No matter what situation you are in, you are always loved by him.

God Bless ya'll
 - Robert Eetheart