Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As an individual being, all I know and all my opinions are true to me, but you know what? That will NEVER work out for you! Yes, you do have opinions, we all do and yes, you may be right about some things, but can't you look beyond your nose and start caring for those around you?

I'm talking your church here, those who are in your church. Everyone is SO swallowed up by everyday-life, that we totally forget why God put us here. Did God put us so we could just live our lives, like everyone else does? No, God put us here for two reasons that results in one thing..

First, we were set here to love our father, God in Heaven and to live with him every day and have fellowship with him. Second, we were put here for each other, because Jesus was perfect, therefore He could do his ministry alone. But we are NOT AT ALL perfect, therefore we need each other, in order to make the body of Christ perfect again. As dozens of imperfect, in fact full of mistakes, people, we together can make the perfect ministry, but NOT alone, never alone.

If we begin to truly love each other and care for each other, the world will see that kind of love and they will know it's from our father, it's from above. They'll come to us and they'll hunger after that love; people will then receive Jesus.
But as long as we fight each other and try to change each other, because "you are not like me", we will NEVER see the hunger of those lost people, becuz' who would want to hunger after a struggle? Diversity is GOOD! We are different, we are DIVERSE!

Why then? Cuz' God made us diverse! Becuz' God can use our different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of fighting what God gave your brothers and sisters, begin to love their differences.

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