Monday, September 20, 2010

Feelings VS Promises

You know, sometimes our feelings take us down to a place we don't wanna be. Feelings are not entirely bad (God does call our heart the most treacherous there is).. But with the Holy Spirit living inside us, feelings are sparks that direct us somewhere. If we feel happiness, we should thank God for "feeling" happy.. If we feel sadness, then it's like a warning, that we should turn it around in praise and singing, to happiness.

Cuz' no matter what we feel, we're happy, because we have Jesus, we have fellowship with God, our Dad! So, that means that feelings are not bad, but if we *live* on them, they'll surely pull us down eventually. That's why we need to stand on God's promises, they are true, where feelings are just sparks to something and living on feelings is false happiness. I really hope you're getting me here..

This is a thing I've been wondering about for like five months or something. But now I understand that feelings point in a direction and promises are the ones we should rely on. God's promises. Cuz' he loves us sooo much! I'd say promises win this one, but feelings are not useless
Bless ya'!  :)

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