Tuesday, October 19, 2010

True Love

"Do you love God?"

That's a simple question, or is it..? Most of us Christians feel like loving God, but only most of the time, because when things go bad, we don't feel like God loves us. But I'm gonna show you a whole new thing; well actually it's not new, Jesus did it. First, LOVE is a choice, not a feeling. Same can be said about faith. You feel God's love and that's great! But what about the days where you don't feel his love?

Choose to believe in his love and choose to love him. It's faith and love. Do you really think that Jesus felt like going to the cross? No, he chose it! To love God is a choice you make and, sure, there are many times where you feel his love, but when the "bad" days come at you, your true choices and intentions are shown. Decide to love God, even if you don't feel it and trust me, you will begin to feel it..

Feelings don't create choices, but choices create feelings.