Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stepping Out

Do you know the feeling where you just feel that you're ready to take that next step with God? Right after, you get the feeling of doubt. "What if I take a wrong step?"

Trust me, I know that! Well, first to encourage you; God is faithful and he won't let you down! Even if you do take a wrong step, he'll hold you and show you the way. Maybe you turn around and look back, and see that you've taken a few wrong steps that could have been avoided and time would have been saved. I do and I see that there are few things I would have done differently in my life with God. But sometimes, we need to learn the hard way, sad, but true.

Even if we did take wrong steps and turns in our life with God, He's faithful and will always help us in our situation. Personally, I've been there where I took a some wrong turns and when I think about now, I wonder why I did it. Maybe it was a bunch of little things where I was arrogant and didn't think before I acted. Maybe I forgot to ask my Dad in Heaven. No matter what, I've come to realize that God makes every thing new. Even that wrong step you took.

I'm not encouraging you to take a wrong step on purpose if you know the right path, but I wanna lift you with this message, which is helping me a lot:
It's better to take a wrong step, than to stay secure and not take any steps at all. From wrong steps in our life, we find out that this wasn't the right way. Yes, time does get wasted by stepping wrong, but more time is being wasted if we just sit back and idle and wait for something to happen.

Taking a step is always a risk, but that's why it's called faith. Have faith in God, your Dad, cause' he won't fail you! :) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Standing and Leaning

It's important to have Christian friends; brothers and sisters who can support you. You can lean on them for a time and they'll help you and support you. But if you try to trust in them alone, you'll find out that their support is not enough and it cannot hold you. You'll fall.

The other day, I came upon this mast we have, nearby my neighborhood. God showed me some things through this mast. It has a foundation that it stands on. But it also has three supporting wires that are tightened each to a concrete block. This is so that it won't fall.

It's the same with us God's children. Without a foundation, we'll fall. We need Jesus to be our fundamental faith, our foundation, so that we can stand securely. Jesus himself said that a man who builds his house on the rock and not the sand, is wise and will be saved, when the storm comes. But we do need our brothers and sisters too! They are the supporting wires that hold us and when the wind is very strong, they provide good help. But if we only put our trust on them alone, we'll fall. Cause we all need a foundation; our own experienced fundamental faith in Jesus.

I was really astonished when I examined the mast. I mean, I knew this mast almost all my life and I knew about Jesus being my foundation, but I never thought about it like that. Jesus is our most important help; our siblings in spirit are our second-most important help. So stand on Jesus, but lean on them! :)