Sunday, January 30, 2011

Without a Mask

You know, I got one of those "aha" experiences tonight...

I know that everyone feels this way (by observations and by assuming I'm human as everyone else)..
When I'm at work, servicing customers, I put on this "mask" only for customers. A welcoming smile and ready to help any customer out. When I'm in church with friends and acquaintances, I put on a mask of friendliness, but I'm not truly my own self. When I'm with close friends, I put on another mask, though not as covering as the others, but still a mask that covers some parts of my face. When I'm with my girlfriend, I still put on a mask, even though it's a thin fiber.

You see, we all do it. There is only truly one person whom I do not wear any mask, when together with. His name is Jesus and truly, when I'm with my Heavenly Dad, I don't wear any masks at all. I'm my own true self! And it's wonderful, because I have complete faith in my God and I trust that he'll take care of me and fill me up with His love as I pour my heart to him.

Why do we do it, then? I don't really know. I guess it's in our human-nature. There is nothing wrong to it; it's in our nature, just like curiosity. I really think this is a fact. That's why, I feel, it's important - no it's a necessity for me to spend my time with God. Being my own perfect self, being without a mask, is when I'm alone with my God and my heavenly Dad, who's perfect and loves me :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shining Mirror

This picture came to my mind today...

Imagine a large mirror standing in a dark room. That's you. And me and everyone else; we're all mirrors. Now mirrors in the dark are really of no use, but then imagine if a huge light from above shined down on that mirror. It would reflect the light and spread it whatever was around. God is that light and when you're letting him shine on you, that light will automatically spread to other people. They will feel the warmth of that light and then they'll start spreading it too! Not only will they spread the light to others around them, they'll also return the light to you! Now imagine a bunch of mirrors sending and receiving lights from each other and also from God. A huge globe of light surrounds that bunch! Now, that bunch is a church. Imagine if every church would shine like that, then they would be able to reach out to the world! Wow, I mean, isn't that awesome?

Let's all spend time together with our lovely Dad in Heaven and He'll fill us up with light that spreads! Be a shining mirror :)