Sunday, January 30, 2011

Without a Mask

You know, I got one of those "aha" experiences tonight...

I know that everyone feels this way (by observations and by assuming I'm human as everyone else)..
When I'm at work, servicing customers, I put on this "mask" only for customers. A welcoming smile and ready to help any customer out. When I'm in church with friends and acquaintances, I put on a mask of friendliness, but I'm not truly my own self. When I'm with close friends, I put on another mask, though not as covering as the others, but still a mask that covers some parts of my face. When I'm with my girlfriend, I still put on a mask, even though it's a thin fiber.

You see, we all do it. There is only truly one person whom I do not wear any mask, when together with. His name is Jesus and truly, when I'm with my Heavenly Dad, I don't wear any masks at all. I'm my own true self! And it's wonderful, because I have complete faith in my God and I trust that he'll take care of me and fill me up with His love as I pour my heart to him.

Why do we do it, then? I don't really know. I guess it's in our human-nature. There is nothing wrong to it; it's in our nature, just like curiosity. I really think this is a fact. That's why, I feel, it's important - no it's a necessity for me to spend my time with God. Being my own perfect self, being without a mask, is when I'm alone with my God and my heavenly Dad, who's perfect and loves me :)

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