Sunday, August 14, 2011

He was always there - Part 2

When thinking back about my past, about the time where I was deep down in black hole which seemed bottomless, I realize that God was there, even in that time where I did not love him, he still loved me.
I've been saved for a little more than three years, and I still remember many situations from my old life clearly. Many times where I should have been in a worse condition, I somehow survived. It was supernatural and I don't doubt that.

You may be thinking it was luck and coincidence. My friend, I promise you, it was not coincidence nor luck, it was Jesus, it was God who held his hand above me, protecting me. There was a time where I got beaten up by about fifteen guys. They used chains and baseball-bats, beat me up badly. Yet, I managed to get away with a few scratches. No broken ribs, bones and no serious injuries. It should have been worse. The beating went about for 30-35 minutes. These guys were from the ghetto in my old town, and they always bring knives to their fights, yet they didn't this one time. Think it's luck? Nope, it was the Lord's work. He protected me.
That was just one time out of a dozen, I know with all my heart that he was there all the time. I wasn't sure back then, but now when I glance back, I'm 100 % sure!

Whether you've been in deep problems, or you've grown up in a Christian family, I know you have had hard and dark times, but when you look back, you can always see that he was always there. Jesus was always there for you, even when you didn't feel it. Look back, try to recall some of the worst situations you've been in. Maybe you haven't been that deep out, but even in the small things. Like "almost" being run over by a car, because maybe you forgot to look when crossing the street. God protected you, didn't he? Even if you did get run over by car, he was there and he still is! He cares you for you! I know it personally!! Trust me, he really cares for you!

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