Sunday, August 14, 2011

Staying Pure

As a man, I can't really speak from a woman's point of view, but I do know that men struggle with unclean sin more than women (mostly). Look, I'm not a doctor or some expert on this; it's purely experience and the way I've seen it. Neither do I have some sort of scholarship or bachelor degree on this; no schooling, just me and the Holy Spirit.

Men (and boys) are made in a different way than women and girls. When a girl wears challenging clothes, a guy will look at her, if he spots her of course. He will ALWAYS look at her, not because he lusts for her, but because her bare legs, her challenging top, her shoulders, yes, all the skin she can show, is a magnet to a guy's eyes. The more skin, the more likely the guys will look at you. And no they do not look at you because they like you, they look, because that's how their nature, their reaction is! Every man will do this; married, single, divorced, engaged, with a girl, no matter what, every guy will look. Why? Because it is in our nature.
You as a girl, please understand this. If you want to feel loved, accepted, don't wear such clothes to make guys look at you, because they won't give you love, they'll automatically look. Of course, most guys who are not Christian (even some Christians), will feel attracted to you, but that has nothing to do with love. They will love you for your skin, not for your heart. Now, why the heck would God make it so hard for guys??? Because he was made to love that one, who is his wife. If you're a woman and married, you should be happy about showing some skin to your husband, because he's made for you.

Understand, that Christian men do not look at girls for enjoyment (okay, some who struggle do), but most are actually honest, and you with a boyfriend or husband, don't hate your man, just because his eyes get caught in some bare legs. Of course, if his motive is wrong, he'll enjoy the look, but if he really loves you, he'll quickly turn his look away, as soon as he can.

This world is getting more disgusting and dirty by each day. Really! We're living in a filthy world, where almost every girl in the street dresses up as a stripper!! And I really hate it, because it steals my focus from God and from my fiancee, who's the one I love and when we get married, I will only lust after her!

So girl, please do us guys a favor! Wear modest clothes as it helps us to stay pure. Don't tempt us more than we already are. If you really love God, you will know that his acknowledgement is enough for you; you do not need to be acknowledged by the guys in the streets. Save that for your future husband, instead of throwing your worth away.

So what's the cure for all this uncleanness in the world? There is a cure, there is a way to stay pure! And that way is Jesus! Spend time with him, be with him, talk with him, pray, read his word, and let him transform you into a child of purity. Because you are God's child and he wants the best for his children and the best is to stay pure! So, daily, get out, find a remote and quiet place where you can be all alone with your dad in Heaven and just stay with him! A father-son time! A time where your father tells you how worthy you are! Because you are his princess and his prince, you are worthy! Stay pure! :) And remember, HE LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE!!!! ♥


  1. Good post bro, insightful and also encouraging. God Bless you. Richard (twitter: @2020visioncm)

  2. Awesome post. Made me tear up. I never dressed provocatively but I know so many women that do & it breaks my heart. I felt your love for Christ through your words!