Friday, November 18, 2011

John 3:17

Most of you are probably thinking, "Didn't he mean 3:16?"
But no, I mean 3:17.

So many Christians remember the verse John 3:16 so well, which is good, because it's a very powerful one, I love that verse! But they forget the verse that comes right after. Let's hear it out:
John 3:17 - "For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

God didn't send Jesus to condemn, yet there are SO many Christians today who condemn like a machine gun shoots bullets! :O I'm shocked to see all that. Especially on the internet, you search 'Jesus' or 'Savior of the world' and most of the pages you get, are pages that condemn people or groups of people.

Seriously, if I wasn't saved and didn't know Jesus at all, I would think - based on how judgmental many Christians are - that God was a hater.
But truth is, he's not! He loves us! He loves gay people, he loves satanic worshipers, he does! But is He, then, okay with them sinning like that? Of course not! He hates what they do, their sins, but he loves them! Why else was Jesus sent?
The Son of God was sent to set you free from your struggling with sin, NOT AT ALL to condemn you!

And I want to put in that I've also judged and condemned more than I should have, but I hope that I know better now.

So why are we judging, then? I don't have the exact answer for that, but I believe that we've partly or wholly lost the fire and it then becomes a religion and not a relation with God. Jesus hates religion! That's why he shouted at all those pharisees, who taught that you need to be self-righteous to be saved. The only ones Jesus had something "against" (he still loves them), were the pharisees, because they were actually the ones judging.
And as Jesus said, you're a hypocrite if you condemn like that, for you're yourself sinning.

God is good, that we know by now, and his goodness can't be moved, but then why are people going to Hell?
Because they choose to. Life is a choice - let me show you in the scripture: Deuteronomy 30:19 - "This day I call Heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live."
Look, he gives us a choice, life or death. And he even tells us to choose life, because it is better for us, I mean, isn't that amazing? :) It's that simple! Choose Jesus, and you shall live.

So, people get chances (and I got many chances, yes I did!), and of course, the Holy Spirit will lead us to God; he can and he will! No matter how far you are or have been, he'll always love you! But when you choose your own path away from God, when you decided 'no more Jesus, I want to live as I want to!', then you have chosen death.
He still loves you, but you can't really know that, since you've removed yourself from His protection. The best part is that His grace is amazing and he'll still protect you and always call for you.
But if you've taken the choice in your heart, there can be no turning back to God, before you actually want to. God is a gentleman - I've heard many say - and it's true! He won't force you to believe or anything :)
But remember, you can ALWAYS, and I say it again, ALWAYS come back to God, no matter how far you've been!! All it requires is you to be willing (we're not robots after all, and we do have our own free will)! Hitler and Stalin could come back (and stop saying they couldn't, God's love is not limited!), if they wanted to. They could've asked for forgiveness and give their hearts to Jesus and be in Heaven now! We don't know if they did - we can't know, but all I know is, God is amazing and extremely graceful!

So don't get discouraged, because he LOVES you! No matter what other people, yes even Christians, have said into your life, GOD LOVES YOU and He wants you to be with Him, that's why He died for you! ♥
And it IS possible to live in freedom from your sin and struggles! You don't have to be perfect to get saved!
Not perfect, but perfectly forgiven! It's all about your heart! Give it to Him and he'll sort the rest out! Stay in Him and Jesus will stay in you! (John 15)
God bless ya'll richly! :)

The next blog post will be about faith . . .

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