Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Many people finish their year with, "What did I do this year?" or "What did I do for God this year?"

You know what, stop! It's good doing stuff for God and thinking about it, but ONLY when you've realized what He did for you! Without Him, you can't really boast of your doings, 'cause it's nothing compared to how big He is.
It is Jesus doing the works through you - not you alone.

So remember that, always, because there'll be times where God lifts you up like crazy, I mean like, you'll feel like a superstar. Just remember Him, that it was His doing, His works and He deserves all the glory! :)

To all my awesome Jesus Freaks, to all those curious, to all who feel sad or lonely, and to all the rest; Merry Christmas!!!
Just remember always that God loves you NO MATTER WHAAAAAT!!! :)

So let's celebrate His birthday!! (to those of you saying Jesus wasn't born on 24th of December; tell me, hypocrite, have you ever been to a b-day party where the one being celebrated didn't have birthday that same exact day? I believe you have)
God bless ya'll!! :)

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