Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life is ....

I'm sitting in the train right now, on my way home. And on long train-rides like these, I can't help but think.

So, I started thinking about life. What is life? It's many things. Life to you may differ from what it is to me.
Whether you've had the most awesome experiences in life, or had a life which straight out sucks, we can all agree on one thing:
Bad things do happen.

When I was younger (or, in fact, less than three years ago) I used to think that bad things wouldn't happen to Christians.
"We're Gods children, so why would God allow any bad things to happen to us?"
Deep inside I knew that was not the case, but I loved the idea.

Today I can only say... Wow. If God would keep all bad things from coming at us, we'd still be babies when it comes to maturity. Don't get me wrong - God ~never~ sends bad things at us. Only good gifts come from our Heavenly Father. But in life, bad things do happen. Jesus knows that (and he knows how you're feeling), that's why he wants to be there with you, carry you through in bad times.
And I'm grateful that God actually wants me to learn life, to be more mature, when it comes to life. (Maturity in itself is a completely different topic which I won't touch today ;) ).

When looking back, through bad and good times, all I can honestly say is life is a gift.
It's God's gift to us. Let's enjoy it to the max, even if we don't feel like it.
Especially when we feel we don't deserve life (I get this a lot), well, let's turn back to God as quickly as possible, because he wants you to enjoy life. He wants you to enjoy every moment.

And that's all I can really say. Life is epic :)